Friday, January 1, 2021 4:58 PM Posted by SantaThe bell still rings for me... as it does for all who truly believe!!

Write Your Letters to Santa Claus!

Believe in Santa Claus Writes?

The first gift of Christmas! This bell is a wonderful symbol in the spirit of Christmas, as am I. Just remember the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart. Merry Christmas! - Santa Claus

Send your Christmas wishes to Santa Claus! Kids from around the world are writing their Christmas wish lists and letters to Santa Claus. Yes, Santa and the Elves are very busy at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas—but that doesn't stop Santa from reading ALL his letters—so write Santa often, and tell your friends to write their letters to Santa Claus, too?

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Kids around the world are still sending their Christmas letters to Santa Claus inspite of the COVID-19 Pandemic cause they know Santa will soon be there. You ask how Santa gets around the COVID-19? Well, Santa 🎅 is amune to sickness and viruses by our Heavenly Father up above!! So, write your letters to Santa Claus today!!

Letters to and from Santa Claus!
Santa Claus Writes

Share those memorable moments by sending a Letter to & from Santa Claus, and receive that Christmas Letter when you write to Ole Saint Nick.

A Personalized Letter From Santa
$13.00 PACKAGE!

Write Your Letter To Santa Claus?    Santa Claus Naughty and Nice List

Letter from Santa Claus!
& Nice List Certificate!

Santa Claus Surprize?

Santa Christmas Surprise?

Santa Claus Bell?

The bell still rings for me...
as it does for all who truly believe!

Friday, January 1, 2021 4:58 PM Posted by writeSantaletter.comSanta's Official Christmas Countdown Clock!

Christmas Countdown Clock

Santa Claus's arrival time?

Santa Claus's arrival time is exactly?

Friday, January 1, 2021 4:58 PM Posted by writeSantaletter.comTrack Santa Claus Christmas Eve!

Official NORAD Santa Tracker and Santa's Naughty or Nice List

Official NORAD Santa Tracker

For 60 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa's flight. Follow Santa as he makes his magical journey! Come back Dec. 1, 2020. To see what NORAD does the rest of the year, visit us at

Santa's Christmas List!

Santa's Naughty or Nice List!

Santa knows if you've been Naughty or Nice, so you better not pout, you better not cry, cause Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Child's Name







Grandma Leslie..

Grandma Nonnie..


















Yes especially!!..


She is the best!!..


Santa Claus

Write letters to Santa Claus and Santa
will reply!

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