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Santa Claus lives in Finland!

Santa lives at Ear Mountain, a place he claims let's him hear the hopes and dreams of children from around the world.

Santa Claus lives in Finland's Lapland. This is true, not a fairy tale! Everybody can see this with their own eyes.

Santa's home is in Finland's Lapland, inside the Ear Mountain in a world of Santa's own. Lapland is a land of reindeer and Northern lights, where the sun never sets in the summer and it's almost dark all the time during winter.

This is no fairy tale either, but true, just like Santa Claus. If you don't believe this, you can come and visit the Polar circle or Savukoski anytime and meet Santa, except when he's asleep.

At the Polar Circle Hut you can have a chat with Santa and tell him what you wish for Christmas presents, or feed Santa's reindeer with lichen. Perhaps you'll even get a chance of feeding Rudolph himself, Santa's favorite reindeer. He is in the habit of stopping by often at the Polar Circle to say hello to children, even though he's awfully busy.

This is what hundreds of thousands of people have done once again this year. They come from all over the world, some by car, some by Concorde airplanes. Even people doubting whether Santa exists at all have come to visit the Polar Circle, but none of them doubt any longer. When you meet the real Santa Claus, you'll always believe in him.

Why does Santa Claus live in Finland? Santa should naturally be asked this himself, but Finland is where the whole story of Santa Claus begins. According to the elves (and they say they have heard this from Santa himself) there is a good reason for it as well. a Christmas letter from Santa

Santa Claus used to live in the South at first, when he hadn't taken the job of being Santa yet. But nobody enjoys hot weather with a thick fur coat and a long beard. Sweat ran from his forehead all the time, and making presents wasn't too nice either when it was so hot day and night. So Santa decided to find himself a new home. He stopped at Greenland, but found it too cold for him. Then he headed to Norway, but didn't like it there either because he couldn't find a suitable place for his workshop. Santa also went to Sweden, where he found some Christmas elves, but there the problem was there weren't enough reindeer.

When Santa Claus' travels finally took him to Finland, he fell immediately in love with Lapland. When he met the kind and wise elves and reindeer, he said,

- This is a place I like. The people are kind, the nature is beautiful, the days are long during the summer and dark in the wintertime. You can sense the presence of good will in Lapland. This is where I'll live and where I'll build my workshop.

This is when a huge construction operation started, lasting for a hundred years. But then it was finished, the biggest present-making workshop in the world, inside the treeless Ear Mountain. No one else besides Santa Claus, the elves and the reindeer know where the entrance is, so they are the only ones who can go in.

Santa Claus has lived in Finland ever since and apparently liked it fine, because he hasn't even considered moving elsewhere as far as we know. It has been thought in Greenland and Norway that Santa Claus has a home there as well, but they were only temporary arrangements he made while trying to locate a good place for his workshop.

So Finland has become Santa's own country, a fact which all Finns are honestly very proud of.

Because, even though Santa Claus loves all the children in the world and adults too, it is still quite fun to live in the same country with him. And noboby in Finland feels bad about Santa Claus traveling all over the world to visit good boys and girls.

How old is Santa Claus? Everyone knows he is very old, but just how old, that is something no one has figured out yet. a Christmas letter from Santa

However, we can reveal a big secret: we know how Santa Claus took the up his job, this story has been told by Santa himself. It happened at Christmas, a long time ago. A group of wise old men were sitting together at Christmas Eve, eating their Christmas dinner.

Then Santa Claus said, - Now that we are celebrating Christmas and the birthday of God's son, we can all feel that good will exists among people. Since people want to celebrate this great day in this way, they should be arranged an opportunity to really do it.

They pondered over this and finally decided that Christmas will from then on be celebrated exactly the way we know it, as a feast of all good boys and girls. The reason for this feast is clear: it is Jesus Christ's birthday, and the message of Christmas is also clear: it is the feast of peace and good will.

Santa Claus was thus born of good will! When children ask Santa how old he is, he usually replies he can't remember, being so old, although he knows his age all right.

The Christmas elves have started a major investigation to get an answer to this problem, because every year, when it's time to eat Christmas rice pudding in Ear Mountain, everyone tries to guess and find out Santa's age. Santa Claus and his wife tease the denizens of Ear Mountain, and until this day haven't agreed to reveal this secret of Santa's.

The elves are conducting their investigations everywhere, but haven't found a clue so far.

Would you happen to know something about this matter? You can write the elves and tell them your guess on Santa's age, maybe that would help them along. Or if you happen to have some secret knowledge of how old Santa Claus really is, please tell the elves soon, because they are very impatient. Old Elf says he wants to surprise Santa and his wife by telling them how it really is with Santa's age, and he wants to do it this Christmas over the rice pudding, or next Christmas at the latest. Maybe it's you who can actually solve this mystery!

Who makes the presents? Lots of people have been curious about where the a Christmas letter from Santa presents come from. In the old times all Christmas presents were made in Santa's workshop, from where Santa Claus and his reindeer took them to homes all over the world. Now, however, there are so many children in the world that all the presents cannot possibly be made in Santa's workshop alone any more. There are so many children's wishes each year and the reindeer have grown so old they can't manage pulling sleighs of presents as tall as a mountain. So Santa Claus has made a deal with all the fathers and mothers: only some of the children's presents are made in Santa's workshop, and mothers and fathers can make or buy presents of their own for their children, and also the children for them.

So mother and father can reward their children for being good boys and girls.

The actual investigation concerning whether each boy and girl has really been good or not is still conducted by the elves, however, who make their secret investigation journeys to all homes when Christmas approaches.

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