Words: Edmund H. Sears
   Tune: Carol, Richard S. White

   A       C#  D            A      D     A
1  It came u - pon   the    mid  - night clear,
2  And ye, be -neath life's crush -ing   load, 
3  For lo! the days   are   hasten-ing   on, 

         D         B7       E
1  That  glorious  song of  old,
2  Whose forms are bending  low, 
3  By    prophet   bards of old,

        A    C#   D        A     D    A
1  From an - gels bending  near  the  earth,
2  Who toil  a  - long the climb-ing  way 
3  When with the  ever  -  circ -ling years 

         Bm7         E7        A
1  To    touch their harps of  gold:
2  With  painful     steps and slow, 
3  Shall come  the   time fore-told,

         C#       C#7         F#m   C#    F#m
1 "Peace on  the  earth, good will  to    men,"
2  Look, now! for glad  and   gold -en    hours 
3  When  the new  heaven and  earth shall own

   F#m7 E            B7          E    E7
1  From heaven's all-gracious    King. 
2  Come swiftly      on   the    wing: 
3  The  Prince  of   Peace their King

       A     C#    D          A     D    A
1  The world in    solemn     still-ness lay,
2  O   rest  be  - side  the  wea - ry   load, 
3  And the   whole world give back  the  song 

         Bm7      E7     A
1  To    hear the angels sing!
2  And   hear the angels sing!
3  Which now the  angels sing!

Additional verses included in some hymn books (check yours!)

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